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What we're doing? 

We're matching job seekers with their dream jobs.

Job matching Platform

Professional & Holistic Profiles

Matching for skills, workstyle, culture & more!

Qualified Job Opportunities Only

Why we're doing it?

It's simple.

Because finding a job doesn't have to suck.

Because the perfect hire is more than just their skills.

Something in recruiting is broken.


How we're doing it? 





Resume Profile Export

Job Seeker Profile

Phase 1

create a media rich digital profile that replaces the resume
enable job seekers to showcase personality, needs & aspirations 💫
instant PDF resume compatible export
make it easy, fun & customizable 🤓

Company Profile

Phase 2

Provide businesses with a trendy company & recruitment landing page.
Help small businesses advertise open roles.
Make it easy for companies to highlight their culture.

Matching Platform

Phase 3

Automate qualified matching between roles & job seekers.
See exact compatibility scores.
Swipe your way to an interview.

Data & Insights

Phase 4

Provide job seekers with valuable performance & market insights.
Provide businesses with analytics on candidate trends & needs.

Want to join us?

The simplest solution for job seekers and businesses.

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