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A Letter from the Founders 👩‍💻👨🏽‍💻🧑‍💻

Welcome to BeyondSkill!

For the last year and a half, we’ve been focused on solving a super familiar problem.

Finding a job sucks. 🤦🏽‍♀️

No arguments there, right? Even if you haven’t personally struggled to find the right job, you at least know others that have.

Well, we’re believers that not only should it be easier to find a job, but it should be easier to find your dream job. 💫

The Founders First, a little bit about who we are. We are Shelbi, Shay & Andre, the three founders of BeyondSkill.

Across the three of us, we have years of sales, business development, operations, leadership, and software engineering experience across Non-profits, Startups, and Fortune 500s.

Skills aside, all three of us are incredibly passionate about solving the dream job problem.

We’re sick of being surrounded by people who hate their jobs.

We’re sick of seeing the ones we love struggle to find the right job.

And we’re sick of living in a world where finding a job is based on an archaic system deprived of character, content, and fun.

So we're creating a better way. 💪🏼

The Platform Our mission at Beyond Skill is to match people to their dream jobs.

We're doing that by both reinventing the way professionals and companies showcase themselves, and also recreating the way they engage with each other in the job market.

BeyondSkill is a job-matching marketplace and digital resume platform connecting the next generation of professionals with their dream job.

BeyondSkill provides job seekers and businesses with a digital profile made up of holistic and character-focused data far beyond just skill and experience. Our comprehensive profiles include content on character, career aspirations, work style and culture, personal interests, video, and more, all designed to highlight individuality and holistic compatibility, in addition to skills.

At BeyondSkill, our users are telling us more about who they are and what they're looking for than on any other platform- because we're asking! We then use our data to holistically source, qualify, and match job seekers with companies and roles across the widest set of metrics.

This approach enables us to invert recruiting from a process of elimination and frustration to a process of strategic selection for both job seekers and businesses.

Upon posting a role, Companies will instantly get a curated list of talent that is highly relevant, not only to the role but also to the team culture and work style, saving them significant time and money, while leading to more effective hiring. The same goes for job seekers. Upon posting their profile, they'll instantly be matched with relevant roles. No time wasted.

We plan to eliminate: endless searching, endless sourcing, repetitive application processes, HR and candidate ghosting, and more of the well-known pains in the industry. We plan to promote: dream jobbing, individuality and character, culture fit, holistic qualification and recruiting transparency, and of course, more fun.

Why So why are we doing this?

To put it super simply, there’s just too much about the job market that we’re not cool with.

For Job Seekers: Job seekers today are completely underserved.

When it comes to tools, besides for job aggregator sites like Indeed, Monster or others, there are few mainstream solutions dedicated to supporting job seekers through the job search process from start to finish.

When it comes to applications, the fact that the resume is the foundation of the recruiting system handicaps both businesses but especially job seekers. With resumes, individuals are forced to minimize who they are and what they’re capable of into a one page text document that makes it nearly impossible to stand out. This, in addition to the fact that 75% of resumes are never actually seen by a hiring manager, and the rest are only looked over for an average 6-12 seconds, puts a massive burden on the job seeker. When it comes to career dreams, where are the platforms asking job seekers about their needs, interests, and aspirations? (We have all those fields in the dating apps!) What this ends up looking like:

  • Job seekers spend significant time creating their one page resume.

  • They search by keyword on job boards and try to understand roles by these long and often vague descriptions that many claim are not clear.

  • They rewrite their resumes for each role they apply to, also having to go through repetitive application systems.

  • They wait to hear back and are often ghosted, or receive automated emails that claim they are not a fit or not qualified.

  • And they repeat this process for what Forbes claims to be the average 3 month, 40 hour per week, process that it takes to get hired.

More than 70% of individuals claim that finding a job is one of the most stressful things they’ll ever need to do in their life.

Bottom line, this whole process is so old school. We live in a world where Gen Z is mastering the digital space, creating avatars in the metaverse, curating their own online brands, and a one page text resume that doesn’t enable them to show their individuality and their needs cant possibly be the future of recruiting. We are creating a platform that empowers the next generation of job seekers to really showcase their value, character and aspirations.

For Businesses We pride ourselves in being a solution that gives power back to the job seeker, but we’re equally here to help businesses with their challenges.

Businesses want happy and engaged employees, and not to spend billions of dollars a year finding them. Happy and engaged employees are not ones that are hired just for their skills- they are hired for their skills, but also hired especially for alignment across professional growth goals, work style compatibility, and culture fit. Employers know this, and the cost of not hiring based along those lines is too high. But where are these candidates? At the end of the day, businesses of all sizes struggle to find affordable methods of quickly and efficiently sourcing and hiring candidates.

For small businesses, they can only budget enough to use the job boards, where they compete with large businesses for placement and visibility, and where they have to pay a significant amount to communicate with each candidate they want to get more information from. Large companies, on the other hand, have more solutions than they know what to do with. Corporations can have recruiting tech stacks of more than 10 solutions for sourcing, scheduling, automation, interviews, contracts, and more, yet many still struggle to find qualified candidates. They struggle with sourcing criteria limitations, candidate data limitations, influxes of irrelevant candidates, and more.

We could go on describing problems in the job market, but we won’t because there's a lot and it's not news. Instead, we chose to focus on our vision of the ideal experience in the job market, and create it.

Our Vision Our vision really is a true job marketplace app experience.

Sign up, identify what you have to offer, and what you’re looking for, and start interacting with qualified opportunities only. We’re going to have scheduling, reviews, verifications, endorsements, market analytics, performance analytics, operational automations, everything.

We aim to be a one stop shop for finding your dream job or candidate, from showcase to contract signing.

We know that we’re in for a long road of product development and market re-education. We know it’s scary to go against the grain. We know people will tell us it’s crazy or not possible. But we don’t care. We’re building an app for the next generation of job seekers & businesses. All of us as Founders don’t see a world where a product like BeyondSkill doesn’t exist.

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Feb 14, 2023

It's about time! Incredible work Shelbi, Shay and Andre!

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